24/7 Racing Fuel & Additives Available @Twelve21 98 Octane & 102 Octane Pre Mix Race Fuel Concentrate to suit your own Mix Performance Lubricants Lubricant Additives

Why 247 Race Fuels ?

Why 247 Race Fuel Concentrate ? Because performance fuel is our passion ,our lifeblood. We are obsessive and our focus is reflected in our dedication to R&D. Every batch of our product that we blend has to pass a ASTM 2699 and ASTM 2700 lab test. Yes we have access to our very own single cylinder CFR engine that consists of standard components and electronic detonation metering instruments to measure the intensity of combustion knocks. Unlike current local suppliers , we can prove the quantitative determination of additive required for the desired knock rating of  liquid spark-ignition engine fuel in terms of RON and MON.Check out our technical and material safety data sheet.What does this mean ? Besides us being technical fundi’s in the racing fuel development industry , we can provide you with the right amount of concentrate on a ratio scale to increase the RON level on locally available ULP95 pump gas.. We value your engine more than you do as it’s the reason why we in business !

Story Behind 247

247 and its founders have more than 25 years of Chemical Engineering  experience and are actively involved in R&D for various oil majors  and fuel additive suppliers in SA. Our products are formulated for South African Grade  ULP95 to ensure  that our customers get the best fuel performance available whilst providing them with a competitive advantage. We don’t just claim to have the best race fuel technology but are committed to testing our products and ensuring that they comply with MSA regulations and most importantly - safe to use on your vehicle.


Take a look at our technical page to understand the method behind our madness as we believe in our hydrocarbon technology.

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